Letters to Our Change Leaders

February 14, 2015

This is my pledge.

In an effort to Be and Reveal my very best Self, and share that with my daughters, who aren’t extremely drawn to writing.

Our bridge to our elders is through our letters.

Digital media keeps us connected to our youth.


Our Letters have to go to those with insight on what Freedom looks like. Mumia Abdul Jamar’s lectures are the first words my daughter heard. It was the only way she would sleep, while I studied. So he holds a special place in my heart. At a rally on campus, I was breastfeeding while I overheard commentary on his case. It’s there I was told my daughter would have the same fight & warrior tendencies I had, (in so many words) she much more eloquent than me, however.  So I can imagine when your biggest support isn’t free to do so. But that’s why we must stay connected. With the use of Google technology, data can easily transmitted to loved ones. And while letters work, our incarnations ages for youth increases. Early charges made leaving them with records and expelled earlier and in jail faster. They need to hear I voice and they must learn, just as our ancestors did 150 years ago when glimpses of freedom return with the right to read. And with access to being our very best self again. We gave it another go. And you should too.


January 20, 2016


As a mother of two daughters, I have to be cognizant of male privilege and the toll it can take on the psyche of young girls.  That’s why I engage in projects like “See The Best In Me” and write “Letters to Change Leaders.”  When there are spheres that people  are expected to exist within, we restrict their chances for growth and limit them from trying their best.  I came across this poem that speaks to understanding your worth and refusing to allow the discomfort of others to impede your process.  Some people will never be able to understand your endless abilities to achieve beyond their wildest imagination. That’s okay. When you find that you encounter an individual that can’t accept your excellence, you kindly move forward understanding that it’s not you who needs to adjust.  Work hard for everything, but worry about nothing.

Change Leader:

Always be fearless, in love, and in life.  Work hard to lead the life of the person that you think is the dopest.  Be that dope individual. Create that dope individual. You are a Success!



January 19, 2016


When it comes to matters of ‘Your Self’ and ‘Your Purpose’ you always have to approach things from the heart.  In business, you will never fully understand your direction until you know both yourself and establish how you’d like to fulfill your heart’s desire through your passions. Take time with yourself with matters of love.  Get to know yourself and as with everything else, be fearless!

Change Leader:

Be unapologetic about loving yourself and fulfilling your passions. 

#ee8614 (2)


January 18, 2016


Allow your life and everything around you be a representation of who you are. You are an organism.  An organism is defined as “a form of life composed of mutually interdependent parts that maintain various vital processes.” How you approach life must be by taking into consideration all the working parts.  To clearly understand them all, you have to be organized. This is why Day 12 was all about why your routine matters.  Creating a routine is the first step toward complete organization.  This is why the Change Leader Letters exit, as an opportunity to organize guiding principals for life in one place. 

Change Leader:

There is value in being organized. Let’s call this creating a plan.  This can be tough, but start by writing down your thoughts and ideas.  From there, identify how much time you think you will need to invest.  Prioritize those plans, best you can, based on the immediate needs and steps it will take to get things accomplished.  You have an awesome brain that will work to no end to see that you complete what you set out to do.  Help it out, by creating a plan.


January 17, 2016


I’ve heard that the only way to learn business is to do business.  In life, learning how to live is no different.  Figuring out the journey along “THEE Path” gets tough.  Especially if you aren’t asking for guidance.  There will come a time when you think that no one knows you better than yourself.  I hope you’re right about that.  Know yourself. But when you make those mistakes, as you get to know yourself better, be okay with it.  Know that it’s alright!

Dear Change Leader:

Take a listen to a person that I admire share a lesson about forgiving.



January 16, 2016


Too often we do what people call “sell yourself short.”  Don’t do it.  You are worth more; more than a mistake, more than the words of an abusive ‘loved one’, more than unfortunate circumstances.  You were designed perfectly, to be able to do and have everything that your heart desires.

Dear Change Leader:

Take heed to this message:

“Your value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth.”


January 15, 2016


There are some things in life that songs can just explain better than you ever can.  There will be days when you’ve tried your best and you don’t feel as if it amounted to much.  Don’t doubt.

Change Leader:

It’s going to be alright.



January 14, 2016


Sometimes it takes some of the most uncomfortable experiences to remind you that YOUR BODY is the vehicle taking you into the future.  It is not that brand new suit, a bigger network, a larger net worth, or a new partner(ship) that will create a future of wealth.  It’s your commitment to your physical, personal, and environmental health that will help align you to a better financial future.

Change Leader:

Your health is wealth.  Your ability to do more for others, have more for your family, feel better from day to day has to do with how “well” you are.  Overall wellness is about personal, physical, environmental, and financial health.  Your personal health matters because how you think about yourself will change how you interact with the world.  Your physical health will change how you challenge the body to improve and become stronger while eating food that supports growth.  Your commitment to environmental health means being diligent about clearing your home of toxins that harm you and the planet.  Improving your financial health means considering ways in which you can create a sustainable life for yourself and your family.  Being sure to commit to wellness means reconsidering the value of those activities that we engage in that may take away from our efforts to become healthy and wealthy beings.  Commit, today!

January 13, 2016


There comes a time where you learn that the universe, like your body, is always evolving.  All humans started as swimmers, and while science is working on transhumanism, most of us will evolve along our life time that will amount to a dash between our date of birth to day we’re pronounced dead.  The beauty of evolution happens within that dash.

Dear Change Leader:

As you lead a purpose-driven life, your mission if you choose to accept, will be to walk a very narrow road of virtue.  You have to be the light of truth that breaks through the darkness.  When you feel as if you are falling, and life seems completely out of your control, remember these things:

  • You Are a Success,
  • Your Focus Determines Your Future
  • Try Your Best
  • Establish a Routine

And everything else will be aligned so that you already have, faith in your perfectly-designed talent, and a security net that will save you when you fall.

January 12, 2016


Some lessons you don’t learn until later in life.  Some of those lessons may be arguably more useful than others.  Understanding the value of a routine has never been more prevalent than on this day in 2016.  Much like social norms and personal standards, you should always ask yourself “who set these for me?”  You will find that so much of what you do in life may be simply because it appeared to be the socially accepted “logical progression.”  The trouble with that is when things don’t work out, you lack the ability fully comprehend why you took the course of action you did in the first place.

Change Leader:

Create for yourself a routine.  Have a routine for your thoughts. Have a routine for your daily tasks.  Have a routine for weighing options.  All of these things matter.  They don’t matter because I say they do, they matter because this will be something you define for yourself.  YOUR routine is what will keep you accountable.  You only have your routine to answer to.  Remember, we ARE the things that we repeatedly do, say, and believe.  So set your routine to ensure that you’re always accountable to your success. To the success that you already are, remain true, routinely.

Update 1/18/2016:  I saw this video today, and I thought it would be a perfect supplement to this message. Your routine matters, stay committed.




January 11, 2016


In business, having an exit strategy helps you backward plan and understand that some things aren’t meant to last forever.  The learning tools gained from the brilliance in Pittsburgh has to be shared nationally and internationally. While there may not be a timeline on your objectives, once they are met you have to know what comes next.  That’s why the 12-day exit strategy is in place; to continue connecting the dots for building strong learning infrastructures.

Change Leader:

Know your worth.  Follow your dreams. Connect the dots. And always have an exit strategy.


January 10, 2016


One of the toughest jobs of “solopreneurs” is doing it all alone.  Quite often there aren’t other people that can empathize and fewer that share your vision for your work. That is why it is necessary to ensure that tapping into the collective knowledge of the community is used as a tool for your professional success.  When looking to learn from each other, being efficient with our questions will help as we engineer lasting relationships to build bridges.  My guidance for all entrepreneurs is be willing to find a mentor and ask for help until they refuse to continue to help you. I know that I’ve made some of my mentors tired, but once you learn the craft of your mentor and those around you, you’ll be able to better identify the kinds of questions to ask

Change Leader:

Engineering a life that you don’t want to escape happens by tapping into the collective knowledge of the community.  Understanding that the first step to identifying a solution is to fully understand the problem.  We get closer to understanding problems by asking questions.  Once you’ve identified what those around you are skilled at, and how you would value learning more from them you ask:

“How can I help you, help me?”  “Can we collaborate?”  – This is how strategic partnerships are formed.



January 9, 2016


What I learned is that there will never be enough hours in a day to do all the things you have in mind to do.  Developing a routine that will get you on the track to productivity daily will help you feel accomplished if you’re a results oriented person.  For an entrepreneurs, especially a “solopreneur”, remembering to take time to rest and eat properly may have to get penciled in.  But it is extremely important to reflect and rejuvenate.  There is value in simply taking 12 minutes to exercise, 12 minutes to do deep belly breathing, 12 minutes to meditate.

Change Leader:

Watch this video on the most important muscle in your body. Be mindful of the things that will keep you going.  On “THEE Path” the success of your journey has a lot to do with the kind of vehicle your traveling in. Take pride in maintaining a body that will effectively execute the plan that you’ve set to make your dreams a reality.  Take a chance be more mindful for 12 minutes and see how it changes your life. We’ve already taken the 12 Challenge, and so should you.




January 8, 2016


Change Leader:

This message changed my life at a very young age.  So I want to be sure that you  too have heard it at least once.  “Use what you know, to find out what you don’t know.”  This speaks to the ongoing growth that both you and your brain will go through.  Value continuous learning and look forward to knowing new things along THEE Path to being the very best you.


January 7, 2016


Engineering design requires a problem-solver to first identify specific needs by asking the appropriate questions.  As educators, we have to be willing to engage learners through inquiry.  This allows learners to craft answers based on their current knowledge base while giving educators insight into how each learner thinks.  When we are setting goals and aligning ourselves with the best people, the focus should be to ask ourselves the tough questions daily.  The decisions you make on the road to being your best self will impact the lessons you learn.

Change Leader:

Be sure to ask yourself questions like:

“What am I trying to accomplish?”

“What do I want in life?”

“How will these action contribute to the plans I have for my life?”

Because once you have the answers to those questions you ask yourself, you will then have to use what you know, to find out what you don’t know.  This is where the seeking comes in. This is why history is so important to creating a life you don’t want to escape.  There are so many lessons to be learned from it.  So as you move forward seeking the answers, be sure to knock on the doors you deem necessary to move you closer to your goals.   When you, ask the appropriate questions to know what you  plan to accomplish you have seek only those things that will get you closer.  By doing so, you can be sure that the opportunity that comes knocking will be precisely what you need along THEE Path to being the success you already are.


January 6, 2016


I am typically the last person to ever suggest that selfishness is ever a “good look” on anyone. With so many people in need of meaningful companionship, sound guidance, loving affection there is so much that we can give. But the success of being able to give to others starts with you ensuring that you, indeed, have it to give in the first place.

Change Leader:

You often give of yourself, selflessly. That is what makes many change leaders so admirable. Without a second thought, they are finding ways to create for others, the things they’ve missed out on the most. You often “show love”, because they know what it’s like to go without. Change Leader, while you value providing those with less, more; be sure that you’ve poured that same amount of devotion into yourself. It will ensure that you are always focused and at your very best. By putting yourself first, you will be more willing to listen to the needs of others. You will also be at your best show them how to create what they may miss the most. If you don’t pay attention to anything else, be sure you know how to Put Yourself First!

January 5, 2016



Brooke wrote:

Doubt is going to make you fail before you have even begun. Think good thoughts and know you are well capable. The impossible has been done before and will be done again; the question is if you want to be apart of it.

Change Leader:

Focus on what you want.  Not on what you don’t.  Always listen and be mindful of the words you allow yourself to believe, especially those about yourself.  When you trust that you are a success, there is no room for doubt.  Take it from Brooke, you’ve gotten a track record of successfully getting through all the hardships that have presented themselves.  So never doubt that you will continue that 100% success rate.

January 4, 2016


So often as we embark along “THEE Path” those obstacles that come and potentially break our much needed focus can tear away at our confidence.  You are equipped with a flexible brain that is continuously growing and is shaped by our experiences.  I hope there is some relief in trusting that your current situation is temporary.  You make things permanent when you create “truths” by the things you tell yourself.  Ultimately, the messaging is simple, you are what you think.

Change Leader:

The things you hear, become what you think about regularly.  The things you think about regularly become who you are.  It’s important to always listen to yourself and try your best.  However, when you begin to comparing yourself to the expectations others set for you, there’s a chance when you may feel that your best isn’t enough.  Be comfortable with focusing on being the very best you.  At that time, you have to be regularly speaking to your success.  Too often people don’t give themselves enough credit, and my guidance for you is to not fall into that trap.  You Are A Success! Don’t tell yourself any differently, because if you do, that is then what you will become.   And I don’t want you to be anything less than a success. So, don’t doubt.

January 3, 2016


With so many opportunities to second guess yourself, Letter to Change Leader number three’s guidance is simple.  Focus!  Focusing isn’t difficult once you’ve identified your purpose, but identifying tools to better execute  your plan may be.  What I find the largest distraction to be, however, is the confidence to trust that you are already equipped with the tools necessary to be a success. This isn’t the first time I’ve mentioned the value of focus or confidence, but having the will-power to follow the path best fit for you will be guided by those two things.

Change Leader:

Passion-driven work isn’t always easy work.  But you must always use what (and who) you know to help you figure out all the things you don’t know.  Obstacles like growing up in poverty, systemic oppression, lack of learning and enrichment opportunities, and  a limited support system may make you feel as if you are alone.  This is when you must remember that you already have, within you, the power to move forward along a path designed specifically for you. Obstacles along “thee path” will exist but always try your best to remain focused.  Consider if the actions you take are aligned to your goals.  Be sure the people around you mirror your focus and are supportive of your passions, because You Are A Success!

January 2, 2016


In a world where millennials are accustomed to instant feedback and results; thanks to Google and internet culture, delaying gratification can be difficult.  Who needs voice lessons, acting classes, or any formal training, when you can be YouTube and Instagram famous, right?  Not to mention there is often always a thought that a “short-cut” exists.  While, so many  opportunities to learn from people who have “been-there-done-that” exists, too often accessing the first answer is valued over the best answer.  As Change Leaders, we can settle for anything less than our best.

Change Leader:

Remember to always “Try Your Best!”  Trying your best may not always mean that things will be done correctly.  However, it does mean that you will always listen, and be looking for ways to improve.  Your brain is flexible and it grows as you learn more. In an effort to engineer the very best life, you have to be the best person you can be.  Start immediately, because once a pattern of mediocrity sets in, it’s difficult to think you can do better or try harder. You are powerful beyond your wildest dreams and have a brain that is designed to get help you accomplish your heart’s desires. Just Focus!

January 1, 2016


I had some of the toughest conversations with my daughters at the end of 2015. It revealed the need for them to appreciate inter-generational ties.  It reminded me that my purpose is to set a pattern, THEE Path, if you will for them to follow.  It is important for me to help them understand that their short lives on this planet could be enriched by always paying attention to their surroundings.  This is my first “Change Leader Letter” of 2016.

Change Leader:

Please remember to “Always Listen.”  This doesn’t mean you DO or REPEAT all the things you’ve heard.  This means you should always be paying attention.  When you don’t listen, you may miss out on important information.  That information can be useful in helping you engineer solutions the problems that you need to solve.   So “Always Listen” it will help you as you work on being the very best you!


June 20, 2013




Change Leader:

Are you in need of more opportunities and  resources to help you follow your passions?

Are you interested in making sure your  community is sustainable and thriving?

IERN WILL Advisors seek to create the kinds of opportunities learners need most by working closely with people, like you, interested in being a change leader in your own community.

Whether you’re a student or business professional, I know you’ll agree that everyone deserves an education that prepares them for future success. Advisors at IERN WILL get to know what the underserved communities we work with need most.

IERN WILL wants to work with you to created an idealized design for your learning community that educates students by providing them with a personalized, customized, learner-centered education experience. We work to help you create a learning environment that provides the educators in your districts with a satisfying and motivating work life. IERN WILL can help you create and sustain   proactive, opportunity-seeking relationships with community partners.  We can only do this by working closely with your district to determine a methodology for creating and sustaining whole-system change.

Be the Change Leader of your community.

Get in touch with an IERN WILL Advisor today!



LaToya M. Williams

Lead Resource Developer

E: latoyamonique@gmail.com

P: 252.628.9455




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