Engineering Fit Families

What do you get when you take youth committed to being World Changers, who are interested in engineering A Better Chance and A Better Community for all?

You get the Summer Fitness Program designed to help youth in the Roanoke Valley beat childhood obesity.  I had a blast getting warmed up for the Summer Fitness Program and I can’t wait to see how it all unfolds.  Join the World Changers every Friday, all Summer 2017, as they are making healthy cool!

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Teacher’s Teachable Moment 2: ‘I’m DELIVERT!’

Looking for experts in the following topical areas for assistance with our creative curriculum conference.
1) Psychology
2) Reading comprehension/Written Composition/Research
3) Early Childhood Experiences/Education (ECE)
4) Innovation
5) Genetics/Geography
6) Anatomy/Genetics
7) Financial Literacy / Physical Education
8) Physics/Fluid Dynamics


Because Winter is Chill, I stepped back, I observed, and I learned a lot.

Here’s another “Teacher’s Teachable Moment” for Day 2 of Spring. 

If you are willing to take some time out and evaluate your impulses and temptations and identify the tools that are best to use in managing them, you too can say



Here’s a list of all the things making the necessary “adaptation” this Winter revealed.  While many animals are as “free as birds” to use the “migration” method.

And while I did practice the “hibernation” option when the temperatures were below zero a few times over the season, I’ve been able to use my energy to identify “Teachable Moments.”

I have to ask myself “What temptations impede success?”  It became clear I needed a model to remind me to regularly identify tools available for self-improvement.

The model is simple, but it is often tough to…

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Engineering Flexibility

Remember that as you move towards your goals, the feeling of being “stretched thin” often means you’re being prepped for the increasing exposure and an enlarged territory. As your audience & impact grows, your sphere of influenced stretches & it’s in that moment where you’ll find that Flexibility Matters.

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Engineering Endurance

All great things happen with extensive practice.  Endurance is no different.  It’s a practice: you must regularly withstand adversity in order to build up the strength to last through the toughest times.  Sometimes the smallest things come with the biggest challenges.  But to engineer endurance, keep pushing.  latest

Education Reform Should Happen at Barber Shops

It’s almost Summer time! How are ensuring your child is staying summertime fresh & continuing to learn, at the same time? So much learning can happen in the Barbershops or at Pink Sky Polish Parties.

Read how we’re “Writing Poverty Out of Homes.”


Can you imagine the level of engagement that happens in the salon and barber shops? From debates on the latest viral video, politics, and community events; all the current events that matter to people are being talked about in the barber shop.

The “Hairs to Your Health” Campaign is IERN WILL Educational Services founding initiative.  The reason everything started with hair, is because a significant amount of time and resources are invested there for African American families. The level of FDA regulation on personal care products allows toxic ingredients, banned in other countries, to be used here in the US.

Did I mention that African American households spend anywhere from 40 – 50%  of their income on hair care, whether their income is 40K a year or 100K?  That means black people are spending 9 times more than anyone else on hair products.

That’s not including seat time costs…

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Engineering Humanity

In a world where selfishness and poverty are rampant we are often manipulated into believing that giving less is more beneficial to us in the long run.  We also place expectations on people as if they can be only smart, or attractive. Poor, or civilized.  Or that affluence is a precursor to a stress free lifestyle. Or peace is afforded only to people unwilling to fight.  None of that is further from the truth. Maintaining your peace despite disappointments, lowered expectations, and your personal vow to selflessness is a war. And no matter where you are in life, you can ask, imagine, plan, create, and improve.  That’s what the engineering design process applied to life requires.  Engineering life; means remembering that what you share with the world and the company you keep matters.

Engineer success by being fearless, engineer balance by recognizing the prerequisite to success is sacrifice, engineer hope through continuous positivity, and the best way to remain positive is to do as you wish and harm none. You don’t have to choose between being beautiful to the world and making the world beautiful.

Do It All! 

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Engineering Hope

Our brain’s evolution toward what some would say was “fearfulness” is referred to as the negativity bias.  This bias will have you ruminating over the disappointments instead of strategizing for improvements.  You’ll be inclined to beat yourself up for not knowing instead of being thankful for the lessons you learned on what (not) to do.  That is the power of choice, free will, and positive thought replacement.

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