“Hairs to Your Health!”

Just a little less than a year ago we were connecting with the women of the Greater Pittsburgh region to talk our committment to living a healthy lifestyle.  Our committment to our health means we’re more energized and mobile to make our dreams come true.  On November 20th we’ll make sure we are giving the Women In Business and the women interested in business the opportunity to make meaningful connection with women who are at the top of their industies.

Learn more about how we’ll be Creating a Legacy of Greatness here, and be sure to purchase your tickets for November 20th from 4 – 6 PM at 2312 Main Street, Sharpsburg, PA 15215.





The commitment to healthy living and non-toxic hair care continues!  On Wednesday December 18, 2015, Day La Soul Catering and IERN WILL, bring the Greater Pittsburgh Region’s most beautiful people and dedicated entrepreneurs together at the Homewood Library! You are invited to the 1st Annual Women’s Health and Wellness Mini-Retreat.

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The 1st Annual Women’s Health and Wellness Mini-Retreat may be the first, but definitely not the last.  Owner of Day La Soul Catering, Miss Torie Day, has already set her eyes on the location for next year!  We invite you to join us for an night of healing, dancing, and wealth building as we grow together as a community of women supporting other women. Be sure to join the Hairs to Your Health Campaign  on Facebook for posts on the scientific, psychological, and financial aspects of our hair care choices.

About the Mini-Retreat

We are excited about our line-up!   You won’t want to miss it!

The results are in! In a Facebook poll, 35 people responded and shared ‘What Matters to You’ in their own personal hair care decisions. As you know IERN WILL has the #12Challenge that asks ‘What Matters to You?’ We even outlined our 12 concerns in our last installment on Freedom Radio.


Finances topped the charts with beauty following by a small margin. That seems obvious enough. Hair has to be manageable, both literally and figuratively as it pertains to our economic situation. What interested me most about the results is that very few people consider their hormonal health or dietary habits when making hair care decisions. It’s perfectly reasonable to see this, as many don’t often attribute what they put in and on their body as a factor in the health of their hair. But what the “Hairs to Your Health” Campaign does is shed light on the fact that many of the products marketed to women, and especially women of color since we make up a huge part of the hair care market, is that both what we eat and what we use on our body effects our hair. More importantly, it effects our health. As IERN WILL moves along the 2014 IERN Sharpens Iron Summit Tour, we hope to share information on nutrition and wellness that will help women make better decisions not just so they can grow healthy heads of hair, but so they aren’t putting themselves at a health risk when making hair care decisions. With beauty and finances being a big contributing factor women are often subject to poorly made products filled with preservatives that have been shown to have negative effects on hormonal health. Organizations like the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and Environmental Working Group have made it their missions to be advocates of health products marketed to women and families. The 2014 IERN Sharpens Iron Summit Tour is designed to bring each of our expertise and knowledge together in an effort to engineer an informed and more knowledgeable community. Share with us, we need your help as we journey down the holistic engineering education path. Be well, and “Hairs to Your Health!”

HTYH survey



Through a recent scholarship from the NC Rural Economic Development Center, I will be starting my community development & educational consulting business, IERN WILL. IERN WILL’s community collaborative initiatives seek to increase awareness through education on topics of health, wellness, and social and fiscal responsibility. With your help IERN WILL can produce Hairs to Your Health: Community Resource Guide for Natural Hair.  This guide is intended to celebrate Natural Hair while providing healthy living tips and natural alternatives to using personal care products or cosmetics containing toxins. Here in rural Gaston, Northampton County, NC  cancer disparities and obesity are concerns for this county http://northamptonhd.com/files/file/SOTCH%20nov%202011%20(2).pdf  Over the last 3 years I’ve conducted natural hair and healthy living courses in the local high school and worked with other members of the community to transition to homemade hair care products.

IERN WILL is focused on community engagement education and growth that will allow more individuals, families, and schools to serve a major role in ensuring the sustainability of their community. Through a network of partnerships able to provide community members and those in leadership positions increased skill building opportunities and high quality, research-based & cutting edge techniques to improve learning and health outcomes. IERN WILL is community centered and has a mission to inspire life-long learning while informing and empowering citizens and their decisions on the road to building a sustainable community.  Through IERN WILL Northampton County, North Carolina will have increased opportunities to: pursue passions, create learning networks, and stay informed about local and global events.

Help IERN WILL help the community by sharing your passions and knowledge about the hair-to-health connection.  Natural hair is not a fad yet product placement is making hair care more toxic and harmful to the physiological health of black women. The prevalence of preventable diseases linked to improper techniques or chemical toxicity can and should be greatly reduced.  IERN WILL’s “Hairs To Your Health” Natural Hair resource guide is the seekers “go-to” for healthy alternatives to black hair care.  IERN WILL is devoted to providing accurate educational literature that raises awareness about harmful and often toxic results of product placement but provides women with steps toward finding the healthy hair solution that fits their lifestyle.


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